Hugh Jackman thanks his strict father for teaching him not to raise brats. The 46-year-old raises adopted kids Oscar and Ava with his wife Deborra-Lee Furness. While he’s often thought of as one of the nicest stars in showbiz, Hugh makes sure to preach tough love within his family.

“Not for me,” he answered the British edition of OK! magazine when asked if it’s hard not to spoil his kids all the time. “My father made us very respectful. He brought me up for most of my childhood, so with five kids he was very regimented. We did all our housework, we cooked all the dinners - this was when I was eight.” While Hugh isn’t quite as strict as his father, he maintains he’s much tougher than his wife. The most important thing now is to pass his attitude on to his own brood.

“I want to teach them the importance of being respectful to others and not just thinking about yourself,” he explained.

“Being grateful no matter what’s going on. And to love their father with all their heart! I also really encourage them with the things they genuinely love doing, no matter what that is.”

Hugh added that watching his own father being so passionate about his job as an accountant inspired him and his siblings to find their niche and pursue their careers. That led him to discover acting, which means he can now celebrate upcoming movies including Pan and X-Men: Apocalypse.