ISLAMABAD - Forgetting his plans to bring a change, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan is trying to impose his family on the party, rival parties - the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) - charged.

"If you have read the recent article of Sahir Khan (the son of Reham Khan and stepson of Imran Khan) you would see that it is an attack on judiciary. This article (that discussed the Judicial Commission's report on the so-called rigging in the 2013 polls) can be considered as a statement of his parents (Imran Khan and Reham Khan)," PML-N leader Talal Chaudhry said while talking to The Nation.

"I have read the article, which negates all the PTI's claims that they have accepted the Judicial Commission's verdict. I think a boy of 20-21 cannot go in such details especially when he is a British national and hardly knows our culture and politics. This article reflects the mindset of Imran Khan and his close circle," the lawmaker of the ruling party maintained. Talal Chaudhry said the PTI chief had used his stepson to express his own point of view on the JC report.

The PML-N leader predicted that Imran Khan wanted to make his wife and children heir to the leadership of the PTI. "You can see that change he has brought," he added. He said Reham Khan was interested in politics that is why she married him. This tells the story. "We will see that his sons and Reham Khan will gradually take over the leadership role," he remarked. The PML-N leader said that Imran Khan had never accepted the JC report with an open heart and was busy in finding excuses to criticise the government.

He claimed that PTI chief will even target the outgoing Chief Justice, Nasirul Mulk, after his retirement. "It may be through such articles or may be through his party leaders. But he will definitely target the outgoing Chief Justice when he retires," he added.

In his article that originally appeared in the Express Tribune, Sahir Khan, 21, had written, "This week saw the findings of the Judicial Commission (JC) made public after months of inquiry. It produced an eclectic mix of disappointment and confusion among thousands who were hoping for justice following the 2013 elections. The Commission identified numerous anomalies in the 2013 election process, and was quick to pick out someone to blame. In this case, it was the Election Commission of Pakistan(ECP)." Further he opined, "Despite the obvious issues with the ECP, it does not seem to be the sole cause of the irregularities in the 2013 elections and it is difficult to accept the JC's cast-iron 'case-closed' conclusion."

As he tried to find 'lacunas' in the JC report, he wrote, "Imran Khan may have accepted the report. I have only accepted the fact that it exists. Imran Khan is certainly persistent but has found more success and progress by protesting on the streets. His mistake has been to repeatedly put faith in a system that constantly works against him. I urge anyone who takes the future of this country seriously to read the report and assess the evidence. Make your own conclusions. I was always of the opinion that organised rigging took place in the 2013 elections. Exactly how it was done was something that I had hoped the JC would deduce. But this wasn't even tried." "Now can you expect a young boy of writing this article who doesn't even know Urdu or our culture. His parents too did not tell him that criticising a judicial verdict is an offence," said Talal Chaudhry.

In his comments, senior MQM leader Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui said, "The people were very happy when the PTI started on the popularity ladder but Imran Khan has not been too different. He is also trying to get his own family on the front." "Imran Khan said he was working for a change but it seems he is doing the same politics that he has been criticising the others for. The article in the name of Sahir Khan (may be written by someone else) means he is being groomed for politics. Reham Khan is already there. So a new chapter of family politics has been opened," Siddiqui observed. "Sahir Khan is a new character in the Pakistani politics. He will slowly become a key leader of the PTI if the things go on as they are going," he told The Nation. The MQM lawmaker said by highlighting his family, Imran Khan was promoting feudalistic politics. "Change was the backbone of the PTI politics and now the PTI is withdrawing from its original slogan," he mentioned.

Siddiqui said Sahir Khan's article indicated that Imran Khan and his party had not accepted the JC report. "They have used Sahir Khan to spread their own message," he contended.

Talking to The Nation, PTI leader Senator Mohsin Aziz said that Sahir Khan had the right to express his views. He said if Imran Khan's family wants to participate in politics, "It is not a crime".

"At this time they (Imran Khan's family) have no official role in the PTI but if Reham Khan or any of Imran Khan's children want to take part in politics, they are free. This is their basic right," he emphasised.

Senator Aziz said the PTI does not promote family politics and will only accept people as the office-bearers 'on merit'. "If the media is giving space to Imran Khan's family, you can ask the media why they are doing so. We seriously want change. There is no effort on our part to promote Imran Khan's family," he insisted. The PTI leader said the Sahir Khan's article describes his own opinion about the JC report.