MUZAFFARGARH: A gang of young robbers looted half a dozen shops in broad daylight without any let and hindrance as if enjoying immunity and also fired gunshot to terrify people and traders in Shehr Sultan here.

DPO Awais Ahmed Malik said that the police went after the bandits and chased them. However, they opened firing on the police and threw their motorcycles on the road while jumping into River Chenab. The police, however, caught one of them who was identified as Javed Khalil Rajput. The police said that 10 young robbers raided a bazaar on Jatoi Road in Shehr Sultan and deprived a trader M Tariq of Rs70,000, Saleem Shehzad of Rs250,000, M Nawaz of Rs15,000, Hameed of Rs5,000 and they also snatched Rs300 from a vendor Shakil Ahmed.–staff reporter

During preliminary interrogation, Javed Khalil told the police that they had planned looting traders of the bazaar in Shehr Sultan. He also disclosed the names of his fleeing accomplices. They are: Muhammad Imran, son of DPO office’s Superintendent Ali Nawaz, Khalid son of Hameed (Fazilpur), Abdul Hameed Gopang (AliPur), Ata Muhammad, son of Ghulam Hussain of Rind Baloch (Sujjabad), Shehzad Langah (Sujjaabad), Jam Rashid and three others.

Meanwhile, DPO Awais Ahmed also surrendered the services of Ali Nawaz, Office Superintendent at DPO Office with immediate effect.