S: I see that white man has come into Pakistan to take photographs. Funny how he is only posting pictures of small towns and villages, making it seem like all of us living here are like that. I’m getting really sick of this white savior complex; one that shows our people as just shepherds and never have gone to school.

A: Brandon from Humans of New York? Really? He did nothing along those lines. I actually feel like he was presenting a picture of us as being peaceful and content people. Something very different from the violent saviors of religion, that we are always labeled as on the television. Why do we always have to find fault in everything nice someone does for us?

S: He really did not do it for us. He did it for himself, to show people that he could step out from those ivory towers of New York, and also capture people less privileged. What about people living in main cities like Lahore or Islamabad? What about the woman who works three jobs, and still has time to go to university? What about the struggling musician? What about that group of friends, that sits outside in the local park every day, trying to find ways of protesting against oppression? All of these are part of Pakistan. Not just mountaineers in the north.

A: Who says that the man who has named his goat, as

goat is not also a silent