Thousands of flood affected people are still waiting for their evacuation to the saver places and medical facilities at Chacharan, Rukanpur, Abidpur and Rajanpur Kalan areas, it is learnt.

According to Rescue 1122, a total of 79 populated places were affected while it established 20 relief camps. As many as 61,189 people were affected due to flood while the rescuers evacuated 48,751.

According to sources, the PDMA had informed the government on June 19 about the flood but the government arranged no proper facilities. According to a senior social activist namely Raja Arbab from Fatima Foundation, the district administration has failed to arrange proper shelter camps and medical camps for flood affected people.

He said that the district administration arranged camps which were 5 kilometres away from the affectees. He said that private boat owners charge 3 times more rents for the service. According to another source, poor medical facilities are being provided by the government as no proper doctors are serving there. Vaccination for animals are using for the humans there, he said.