Islamabad - Marghazar zoo, the oldest in federal capital is fast loosing its attraction due to decreasing number of mammals and species.

At present, the zoo is without big cats like lions, tigers, and leopard besides brown bear as there are only 17 types of mammals and 50 species.

A number of people daily visit the zoo but their response is unsatisfactory because of shortage of animals.

The visitors have urged the authorities to bring more and attractive species to the zoo to attract visitors.

“Expansion of animals should immediately be focused as animals are the main center of attraction of the zoo,” a student Ayesha Sadiq pointed out.

She said the lion has not been brought yet after the long spell of ten years when the earlier had died. Meanwhile, more animals reportedly died in recent years.

Some more animals including the elephant, monkey and crocodile have also passed away.

When contacted, Director Administration, Marghazar Zoo, Abdur Raheed informed that a budget of Rs 100 million has been requested for development and up gradation of the zoo.

Talking to APP here on Thursday, he said if funds are provided, a hospital will be established for treatment of animaals and birds kept in the zoo.

About animals, he said under an expansion plan, more animals especially lion will be brought into the zoo as early as possible while other big cats will be made available after construction of more cages.

To a question, he said the vaccination is carried out timely, adding, a few months back, all the animals were successfully vaccinated against a disease called FMD.

He said there are no proper nutritionist and some expert workers have to take care of the diet of animals, birds and other species.

To a question, he said all the animals and species are local, adding, Sri Lankan government gifted only elephants.

According to a CDA official, the new space for elephant was built at a cost of Rs 2.5 million.