Karachi - Known storyteller Fawad Khan has said that storytelling has become little to none in our society, we should thrive upon promoting this storytelling culture and bring it into practice. With the eventual fading of this art of storytelling, there has been observed a lack of listening and speaking power and abilities in the society.

He expressed his views as chief guest at guest speaker session held in Moin Auditorium at Dow Medical College, Dow University of Health Sciences.

“The Persian style of storytelling was evolved from the great empire of Akbar and with the unordinary increasing interest in the people of Lucknow, storytelling was officially started in Urdu language on regular basis,” Fawad Khan added.

The session was joined by the Principal Dow Medical College Prof. Dr. Kartar Diwani, senior faculty members and a big crowd of students. Fawad Khan further added that after the boom of electronic and social media, the possibility of live storytelling has almost gone in despair but it should be revived and promoted by our media so that the public would built their interest into it again. He said that through storytelling, we can highlight different aspects of life as well as create and raise awareness of many social issues prevailing in the country.

He talked about one of the tales Caesar, Mata Hari, and Mirza, story by Mushtaq Ahmad Yusufi. The story revolves around a dog which is brought from abroad for its kind nature and loyalty towards his master’s protection. The story was admired by the audience as it beautifully highlights the societal attitude, benefits and problems faced by the neighborhood due to this dog creating awareness to our own attitudes and actions that we do unintentionally.

The story concluded with the sad demise of the dog which spent his last days in dire weakness. This dog died while playing with children by relentlessly getting into the wheels of a speedy car. The story reflects the life of this dog to that of a common man who spends and lives his whole life working for his earning to look after his family. But at the end, there is no one left behind for him to take care and none can be seen grieved over his demise.

The audience appreciated Fawad Khan’s art of storytelling and gave him standing ovation. At the end of the session, Prof Dr Kartar Dawani thanked the Chief Guest and said that this story provoked the importance of human beings and humanity and brought the audience to concentrate upon their attitudes and actions.