Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI) President Sheikh Amir Waheed, Senior Vice President M Naveed Malik and Vice President Nisar Mirza, have called upon the newly-elected PTI Government and asked them to focus on the economic empowerment of women.

“Without empowering women, the country could not achieve sustainable economic growth,” the chamber said while congratulating, Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry former president Shamim Aftab for her nomination by PTI on reserved seats of women for Punjab Assembly. She visited ICCI and held a meeting with ICCI Office Bearers.

Sheikh Amir Waheed said that women were half the country’s population and there was a dire need in bringing them into the mainstream of economy to ensure fast economic development.

He urged the PTI Government to make policies for the promotion and growth of women entrepreneurs across the country. He said that being the former president of Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Shamim Aftab was fully aware of the businesswomen’s issues and hoped that being member of Punjab Assembly, she would play positive role for resolving their major issues.

Naveed Malik and Nisar Mirza said that women are very talented; however, they needed a good environment to excel in every field. They hoped that the PTI governments in Punjab and Centre would prioritize the development of women. They assured that ICCI would fully cooperate with the new government in its endeavors aimed at promotion of women entrepreneurs.

Speaking at the occasion, Shamim Aftab said that her nomination by PTI for reserved seat in Punjab Assembly was a great honor for her and reaffirmed that being member of provincial assembly, she would make utmost efforts for the betterment of women.