islamabad - Untrimmed wild bushes and wild grass on green belts play grounds and footpaths of the federal capital are giving a shoddy look to the city. The residents of the federal capital have demanded of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to trim the shrubs, wild bushes and wild grass from these areas immediately.

Moreover, wild bushes have grown, giving the look of a forest while the grass has covered the benches in the parks. In the monsoon season, the growth of wild bushes and grass has increased naturally which has irked the residents. CDA Environment official said that the Mayor of Islamabad Sheikh Anser Aziz has directed the environment wing for immediate removal / cutting and trimming of grown wild bushes and shrubs all over the city and has ordered the wing to complete this task within a week.

The mayor of Islamabad directed the officers of Environment Wing to remain present in the field and to ensure proper cutting of shrubs, wild bushes and trimming of trees so that monsoon tree plantation campaign could be launched.  He directed to clean the streams and nullahs to ensure smooth flow of water. While taking notice of unsatisfactory performance of OGMs and supervisory staff, the mayor has decided to take strict action against the employees who are not performing their duties. He directed the Union leaders to ask the employees to fully participate in the campaign as it is the prime responsibility of MCI to keep the city clean and green. The mayor of Islamabad Sheikh Anser Aziz directed the Environment Wing to make arrangements for Monsoon Tree Plantation Drive.

He said that more trees would be planted than the traditionally set target.