LAHORE  – The LPG distributors association has opposed the second time increase by LPG marketing companies in a week despite reduction in international prices of gas.

“The international price of LPG has reduced from $ 1014 per matric ton to $ 974 and a $40 cut means Rs 4,500 reduction.

The marketing companies in Pakistan instead of passing the benefit on consumers have taken an adverse position and increased the gas price by Rs 5 per kg,” said Irfan Khokhar, the LPG distributors association chairman, in a statement on Sunday.     The increased price for a domestic cylinder will be Rs 55 and Rs 220 for a commercial cylinder, he said.

He said marketing companies were engaged in exploitation of consumers and demanded the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority to take steps to control the situation. He said if not checked marketing companies would continue to mint money from the public and LPG distributors would left with no choice but to protest.