ISLAMABAD  - Mega project of construction of Service Road North between sectors I-9 and I-10 has been delayed due to scarcity of funds and non-transfer of electricity poles.

According to sources, dwellers of sectors I-9 and I-10 industrial sectors of the federal capital have been facing inconvenience due to irregular installation of electric pylons and poor condition of link roads.  Being industrial areas, the roads remain busy and heavy traffic has adversely damaged them. But due to lack of interest of the CDA, the mega project has been delayed.

Contract of the roads in the said sectors was allotted on November 11, 2011 with estimated cost of Rs80 million but despite the passage of more than one year, only 50 percent work of the project has been completed so far, while the issue of installation of electric poles at proper locations is still alive; total 57 poles were to be shifted from the site, but seven poles are still not shifted.

Shortage of the funds was so severe that the Road Department had sent a bill of the construction project in July 2011 to the finance wing, but the funds were released in November. Moreover, the CDA had earlier fixed the deadline of one year for the construction of the road but now, in the backdrop of the pace of the work, the civic authority has extended the project deadline. The citizens have demanded of the chairman of Capital Development Authority (CDA) to start the road construction project as soon as possible to save them of the traffic nuisance.