RAWALPINDI  – The shoppers are facing problems due to lack of proper parking lots in commercial areas of the city, particularly on Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Road, College Road, Moti Bazaar, Saddar Bazaar, Tench Bhatta, Lalkurti and several other commercial areas, in the garrison city.

The citizens have to park their vehicles on the roads, which also create hurdles in the smooth flow of traffic and also poses security threats to the visitors of these bazaars. “Parking of vehicles at Bank Road in Saddar and Tench Bhatta bazaar is a big problem,” motorist said.

Another motorist, Bilal said the policemen on duty do not understand that the shoppers had no option other than parking vehicles at roadsides. He said if there were a proper parking arrangement, no one would park vehicle on the road.

Usman, a teacher said the citizens are facing difficulties due to lack of parking lots in Moti bazaar, College Road, Bank Road and Tench Bhatta. “If we park vehicles in no parking zones, the traffic wardens impose fines on us. These are the oldest bazaars in the city and a large number of people come here for shopping, but the problem of parking is worsening day by day, he said.

On the other hand, city administration has failed to eliminate rapidly increasing encroachments from the bazaars and markets of the town.