ISLAMABAD  – The dysfunctional traffic signals are creating enormous problems for the commuters of the capital city while traffic wardens deployed there allow each side to go according to their own will without taking care of time which causes traffic jam.

Due to the load-shedding most of the signals in the city often remains dysfunctional, whereas at some signals warden of the Islamabad traffic police (ITP) are deployed while there are no personnel’s deployed at most of the signal to control heavy flow of traffic. Rehan Abbasi, one of the commuters said that the long queues on traffic signals also causing inconvenience for ambulances, because it was not possible for ambulance and other emergency vehicles to rush through the heavy traffic.

Another commuter said that it is not possible for one warden to control the heavy flow of traffic and suggested that it is necessary to deploy at least three to four personnel’s at each signal.