LAHORE - The PTI held a workers convention on Sunday in a bid to evaluate the enthusiasm among its workers for the successful conduct of party’s upcoming intra-party polls in the provincial capital.

The convention was held under the name of PTI Punjab Unity Convention and organised by Abdul Aleem Khan. Scores of party workers and leaders attended the convention.

Prominent among the party who attended the convention include Sardar Aseef Ahmed Ali, Mian Muhammad Azhar, Ahsan Rasheed, Hamid Meeraj, Umer Cheema and Nosheena Hamid Meeraj.

The PTI leaders claimed that the party had become a unified force in which no new and old members exist now; however, only two leaders of the old guard including Ahsan Rasheed and Umer Cheema attended the show of Aleem Khan who recently secured the loyalties of these members.

They said the PTI had become a force to reckon with challenged the PPP and the PML-N and the efforts of these parties to stop change would not prove fruitful.

The PTI leaders maintained that Imran Khan was the only leader who could steer the country out of the existing crises and put the country on the road to real progress.

They claimed that the PTI would knock out the traditional political forces in the upcoming general elections which had failed to deliver over the last 65 years.

They said youth and women would be on the forefront of the PTI’s journey of change and with the help of these two groups, Imran Khan would bring a real change in the country in the result of next polls.

Earlier, the PTI workers welcomed the guests by dancing on drums beats, besides showering flowers on them. They raised slogans in favour of Imran Khan.