The Central Development Working Party on Wednesday approved 13 projects costing Rs13.87 billion, and referred seven projects worth Rs1414.68 billion to the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council.

The meeting, chaired by Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms Ahsan Iqbal, considered 24 projects of the education, energy, health, Higher Education Commission (HEC), information technology, physical planning and housing, transport and communication and water sectors.

For all these projects, the Foreign Exchange Components (FEC) portion was Rs489.463 billion, whereas allocations in the Public Sector Development Programme 2015-16 have been made to the tune of Rs5.35 billion.

Two approved projects of the education sector were: establishment of Federal College of Home Economic Management Sciences and Specialised Disciplines F-11/1, Islamabad (revised) worth Rs1.926 billion, and establishment of Cadet College Kharan Balochistan with a total cost of Rs1.382billion. Out of three projects of the health sector, two were approved by the CDWP, while the third was referred to the ECNEC.

The establishment of Islamabad General Hospital at Tarlai Islamabad will cost Rs2.718 billion, and upgradation of cardiology services at the Punjab Institute of Cardiology Lahore worth Rs158.12 million (FEC) were approved by the CDWP. The enhancement of facilities, Institute of Space Technology (IST) Islamabad of the HEC, to cost Rs1.583 billion, was approved as well.

Four projects of the physical planning and housing sector were approved, which included: construction of low cost housing units for earthquake affectees of district Awaran Balochistan (Phase-II) to cost Rs2.5 billion, restoration of livelihoods in earthquake affected districts Awaran and Kech Balochistan costing Rs155.06 million, construction of the government buildings at district Awaran Balochistan worth Rs103.5 million and water supply scheme Chakswari Phase-II district Mirpur AJK will cost Rs365.89 million.

Out of five projects of the transport and communication sector, three were referred to the ECNEC. The CDWP-approved procurement of eight sets of Re-railing Rescue Equipment for relief operation and up gradation of the railway stations to attract Sikh tourism at Hassan Abdal, Nankana Sahib and Narowal worth Rs220 million and Rs 690 million respectively. Construction of Small Dams Delay Action Dams Retention Weirs, Flood Diversion Weirs and ISSO Barriers in Arid Zone (Rehabilitation and Extension of four irrigation buns in Nagarparkar), with a total cost of Rs923.2 million, was also approved.

The projects, which were referred to the ECNEC, included: Keyal Khwar Hydro Project (128 MW) to cost Rs7.67 billion, Emergency Plan for Polio Eradication (2016-18) worth Rs33.04 billion (FEC), Bunji Hydro Power Project to cost Rs1,328.90 billion (to be resubmitted), construction of Authmuqam-Sharda-Kel-Taobat section of the Neelum Valley road AJK (109 kms) worth Rs10.854 billion, widening and strengthening of National Highway N-70 (RakhiGajj-Bewata) 32.651 kms to cost Rs23.463 billion, rehabilitation and upgradation of the 45km long Jalapur Pirwala-Uch section of the Multan-Trinda Muhammad Pannah Road (revised) costing Rs4.676 billion and construction of small dams in district Mansehra Khyber Pakhtunkhwa worth Rs6.66 billion. The meeting was attended by senior officials of the provinces and ministries concerned.