KFC Pakistan event

LAHORE (PR): KFC Pakistan recently held an event for the re-opening of their KFC Lahore Fortress outlet. The press conference highlighted the importance of providing a new experience to its customers with improved quality and service. Noor Alam – GM Marketing, Harris Mustafa – Head of Operations (North & Central region) and media professionals were present at the event.

Energy-saving personal AC introduced

LAHORE (PR): Rising temperatures coupled with the ever-growing demand for energy have made the summer heat unbearable for millions in Pakistan. Luckily, an exciting innovation has come forth with an ultra-efficient, practical and affordable solution to beat the heat. It’s called Cool Comfort™ and it’s a personal air conditioner that provides comfortable cooling for up to two people while using a remarkably small amount of energy – less than 300 watts. That’s equivalent to the amount of energy used to power two household ceiling fans, or just 10% – 20% of the energy used to power a conventional air conditioner. This incredible innovation was made possible by patented technology and European design, enabling it to be used on backup generators, UPS and even alternate sources of energy such as solar power.

Unlike conventional air conditioners, Cool Comfort™ does not waste energy trying to cool large spaces. Instead, it uses Turbo Air-Thrust Technology to provide a strong and concentrated stream of air up to 4 feet, similar to the thrust provided by a car AC on full power. The entire unit is compact, light-weight (15.7 kgs) and completely self-contained, meaning that it does not require any installation, external unit or wiring of any kind. Cool Comfort™ also does not produce excessive heat or drainage, so it doesn’t require exhaust piping or plumbing, making it easy to transport and position anywhere. The easy-to-use control panel located on the top of the unit and the added advantage of a remote control makes Cool Comfort™ extremely easy and convenient to use.

Cool Comfort™ also does not require any additional consumables such as batteries, water or ice to operate and its ultra-efficient compressor doesn’t require any gas refills. Users are only required to clean the easy-to-remove air filters every few weeks. In addition to air conditioning, Cool Comfort™ can also function independently as a humidifier and dehumidifier.

Because of Cool Comfort™’s powerful draft, the unit can be used indoors (with the doors and windows open) as well as outdoors as a defense against the heat. Its near-silent operation and capability to run non-stop for weeks at a time makes it especially effective in providing a comfortable night’s sleep. The unit also meets the latest European certifications, making Cool Comfort™ extremely reliable and long-lasting.

Ministry of federal education constitutes committee

ISLAMABAD (PR): The Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training has constituted a committee for development of plan of action towards 90% literacy rate. Chairperson NCHD Madame Razina Alam is the convener of the committee. The Committee will finalize the Plan of Action towards 90% literacy rate in the country by 2025 under the vision 2025 with the consultation of Provincial Education Department.

The vision 2025 of Planning Commission of Pakistan has set target to achieve universal primary education and Literacy rate of 90% by year 2025. The vision envisages to increase Primary school enrolment and completion rate to 100% & literacy rate to 90%.

Vision 2025 envisages enhancing the scale and quality of education in general and of scientific / technical education in Pakistan in particular. The Vision also focuses on increasing public expenditure on education and skills generation from the present 2.7 per cent of GDP to 5 per cent by 2010 and at least 7 percent by 2015. And finally, the Vision 2025 sets the target to increase literacy rate to 90% in next 10 years.

There is 57million illiterate population in Pakistan along with 6.7 million out of school children. According to the National plan of action 2013-16 total 6.7 million children are out of school in the country.

Existing formal system is adding about 1% literacy rate annually and through the existing pace Pakistan can achieve 68% literacy rate by 2025.

NCHD believes that if adult population and out of school children are targeted at the same time the targeted literacy rate can be achieved easily. NCHD envisages the following two pronged strategy to achieve this target. First strategy is to establish Non Formal Education School and the second strategy is establishing literary centers. Through adult literacy there is a need to target 23 million populations in 10 years in all four provinces. NCHD can share the target population depending upon the capacity and resources of the province.

There is population of about 6.7 million out of school children; the national Plan of Action has suggested various steps to enroll these children. The Plan has suggested establishing 34,000 additional non formal schools which NCHD and BECS can establish over the period of next five years so that the impact of 7 million children can be materialized by 2025.

NCHD will also support provincial education departments in increasing enrollment rate through effective enrollment campaigns.

Active participant in PM’s business loans for women

KARACHI (PR): First Women Bank Ltd. (FWBL) is an active participant in Prime Minister’s Youth Business Loans for women. The Bank has so far disbursed loans amounting to Rs 118. 430 million and the recovery rate is 100%.

This was stated by Tahira Raza, President FWBL, while talking to media representatives in Karachi.

She said that FWBL is also very closely in touch with the borrowers and applicants to provide assistance wherever they need us. She said that 03 borrowers have fully adjusted the loans.

The Government of Pakistan now owns majority shareholding (74%) in the Bank. The remaining shares are held by the five big commercial banks – NBP, HBL, MCB, UBL and ABL. The Bank has a twofold mandate as defined by Banking Companies Ordinance 1962 to support women in business and profession through orientation and capacity building and encouraging women towards trade and industry.

The bank has taken several measures to improve its financial performance and due to this it’s cost of deposit which was more than doubled, going from 3.10% to 7.32% from 2009 to 2012 and decreased to 6.8% in 2013 and has further come down to 4.23% to date. The bank has put in place a business strategy which is aligned to its objectives. The bank is aiming to build a strong Corporate Governance and Compliance culture throughout the organization. The Bank has taken initiatives to strengthen IT network security and DR site for business continuity. United Nations Asia Pacific Training Center for Information and Communication Technology (UNAPCICT) have joined with FWBL to support the modernization of information and Communication technology at FWBL.

The bank is also focusing on human capital and has provided training to 524 employees during the current year.

IMechE at int’l event

LAHORE (PR): A seven members delegation of IMechE – Pakistan Group (Institution of Mechanical Engineers UK) that comprised of team lead and vice chair Prof Dr Muhammad Abid; honorary treasurer Hassan Ghayasuddin Anasri, young members Arslan Haider and Arslan Allahyar, SofE contestant Shah Rukh, design competition contestants Abdul Hannan and Sarah Ahmed participated in “Engineering Tomorrow” event which was held recently at Colombo in Sri Lanka.

The IMechE Pakistan Group is a fast growing body of students & engineers who are highly skilled and intellectually competent in their respective fields with an outlook for continuous development and contribution to the society. The group has planned and arranged in the recent past several such international activities to benefit the scientific community in specific and society at large.

Khushhalibank expands branch network in Punjab

ISLAMABAD (PR): Khushhalibank Limited has announced opening of two new branches in Punjab, further expanding it’s geographic spread as the pioneer microfinance bank of Pakistan.

Inaugurated in 2000, Khushhalibank Limited continues to evolve its mission and expand its outreach to cater to the financing needs of more than 500,000 active borrowers through over 125 branches, of which 15 are dedicated to facilities to small business.

Adding two more branches to its existing network at Ayubi Plaza, Faisalabad and Anarkali, Lahore respectively, KBL continues to deliver financial products geared towards MSME business opportunities to customers, achieving yet another milestone in its stride towards growth targets for the 2015 Financial Year.

Addressing the media, President Khushhalibank Ghalib Nishtar said: “In the last 15 years a large number of people have benefited from microfinance and it is estimated that more than 4 million individuals have taken advantage of the microfinance services, and the number is fast growing. Today Khushhalibank has taken another step towards it’s goal to provide quality banking services to all underserved segments of Pakistan. Our priority is and will remain development of society of Pakistan through expanding the outreach of micro, small, medium enterprise financing services in semi-urban and rural regions.”

Reon Energy sponsors seminar on public-private partnership

ISLAMABAD (PR): A high-profiled seminar on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in defence-production and export commenced in Islamabad, with the theme: Challenges and Way Forward. The event was graced by President Mamnoon Hussain as the chief guest. Reon Energy Limited is the key sponsor of the event. Reon is a leading enterprise promoting renewable energy technologies, as a part of the Dawood Hercules Corp – the single largest provider in Pakistan’s private energy sector contributing up to 1800 MW of energy to the national grid.

Inam ur Rahman - CEO, Reon Energy Limited stated that; “Energy is crucial to strengthening the defence production and export sector of Pakistan. The public private partnership forum shall play an important role in initiating programs for providing affordable energy in the country. Reon offers the latest technologies and expertise for providing solar energy solutions for a secure and energy-abundant future.”