Bahawalpur National Awami Party (BNAP) chief Nawab Salahuddin Abbasi, during his two-week stay at his residence Sadiq Garh Palace here, refused to meet with any political leader or candidate whether nominated by political parties or independent.

He is disappointed with the political parties especially the PPP and the PML-N at their failure to reinstate the provincial status of Bahawalpur. “Create the Bahawalpur province or kill us. We will not accept any other option,” he had said addressing a press conference in the past.

However, neither did he attend any public meeting nor did address any gathering even at his residence. However, he attended the wedding ceremony of the daughter of BNAP leader Sahibzada Faizur Raheed Abbasi in Bahawalpur, supervised his property affairs and left for Islamabad. His son Abbas Khan Abbasi who recently completed his post graduation from London is still staying at Sadiq Garh Palace.

N ACCUSED OF PRE-POLL RIGGING: PTI leader Arif Aziz Sheikh has alleged that the Punjab government has chalked out a plan to hijack the third phase of local bodies elections to be held on December 5. He alleged that the government had planned to caste 100 bogus votes at each polling station for the ruling party candidates.

Talking to newsmen, Sheikh further alleged that the government machinery was being used for the success of PML-N candidates and despite the ban of development schemes, in dozens of wards and union councils, development work was underway and PML-N lawmakers were using these schemes to gain public support.

He said that his party would resist all the government tactics. The party fielded six PTI panels in six union councils of Chanigoth, Kot Khalifa, Bakhtari, Bunwala, Chenab Rasoolpur and Uch Bukhari of PP-267 Chanigoth-Uch Sharif. To a question, he said that after the local bodies elections, he will meet PTI Chairman Imran Khan and invite him to visit Ahmedpur East.

On the other side, police arrested seven PTI activists including Asif, Rashad, Zahid, Zeshan, Murtaza, Jaffer and Azad on the charge of taking out public rally at Chowk Munir Shaheed. It was led by Rasool Bakhsh, a PTI candidate in Ward 5 Ahmedpur East.

A police party headed had raided the rally and rounded up the PTI workers, however PTI candidate Rasool Bakhsh along with 50 unknown supporters managed to escape.