US Consul General in Pakistan Zachary V Harkenrider visted the Lincoln Corner at Govt College University Faisalabad and made a presentation on the US government and presidential elections.

The university students were particularly interested in the US presidential elections to be held in November 2016. The consul general said, “The United States and Pakistan share the experience of managing their diversity through democratic systems of government, enhanced by vibrant free media, and rooted in the unique cultures and traditions of their people. We have much to learn from each other’s experience.”

The consul general was pleased to visit the Lincoln Corner which opened to the public in January 2014. Lincoln Corners are partnerships between the Embassy of the United States, public libraries, and other institutions in Pakistan. Located within universities, public libraries and other institutions, Lincoln Corners are platforms for providing information about the United States, English language learning, Education USA, cultural programmes and alumni activities.

These spaces promote open dialogue, counteract negative preconceptions and build bridges of understandings. Visitors gain free access to Wi-Fi and current and reliable information about the United States through books, magazines, videos, internet, database, and programmes for the general public.

Consul General Harkenrider during his visit met with the Vice Chancellor of GCUF Dr M Ali. The vice chancellor appreciated the efforts of US Embassy for disseminating knowledge at the grassroots level.

He said that it is time to tell the people about the services of US which are being rendered in different fields like for strengthening of defence, economic stability, cultural exchange and restoration of peace.