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Islamabad Electric Supply Company has requested NEPRA to increase average per unit electricity prices for consumers from Rs12.56 to Rs 16.58 in next five years.

According to the IESCO documents, distribution margins per kilowatt have been suggested at Rs4.09 in 2019-20 as against Rs 2.38 of 2015-16. The present distribution margin has not been mentioned in the document.

The company has stated that out of this increased amount it will carry out investment worth Rs 13277 million in 2015-16, while it will invest Rs 10832, 6559, 9084, and 30417 million in 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20 respectively.

The line losses have been calculated at 9.39 percent in 2015-16, while during next five years the line losses have been shown slightly higher to 9.31. For present year, an increase of Rs 2 per unit has been asked for the domestic consumers using 301-700 units. The present price of per unit electricity of this category is Rs 13 and after the increase the new price would be Rs.15.

Those using above 700 units would also have to pay an additional Rs.2 per kilowatt as the price has been requested to increase from Rs 15 to Rs 17 per kilowatt/hour.

Under new tariff the industrial consumers would have to pay up to Rs 3 extra.

Industry having supply at 400/230 volts and less then 5kW would have to pay Rs 15 against existing per electricity cost of Rs 12.50. The flat rate of TOU meter peak use up to 500Kw has been proposed to be increased from Rs 15 to Rs.17, while off peak rate has been sought at Rs11.50 from present 9.25. Nepra will hold a public hearing on Dec 17 at its head office in Islamabad. Despite an important hearing for the residents, where the rate of electricity for next five year would be fixed, consumers seem uninterested.