Islamabad - Islamabad is in what appears to be ‘wait and watch’ mode over Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj’s possible visit Pakistan next week as this could serve as first major Indian gesture of sincerity towards resumption of a meaningful dialogue process between the two countries.

Pakistan had sent invitation to Ms Sushma to attend an important conference on Afghanistan to be held here on December 9 under the Heart of Asia Istanbul Process.

“There is no confirmation about her visit as of today”, Foreign Office spokesperson Qazi Fazalullal told The Nation yesterday. According to the spokesperson an invitation to the Indian External Affairs minister was sent much earlier.

However, expectations about her visit have increased in Pakistan following a warm gesture of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif when he met him in Paris few days ago leaving the impression that he was sincerely pursuing the course towards resumption of result oriented talks with arch rival Pakistan.

Bilateral relations between the two south Asian nuclear neighbours are at present at the lowest ebb following the Ufa controversy and the NSA talks fiasco. Despite that, Pakistan desired to resume positive talks without any condition. Islamabad wants all issues including core Kashmir dispute to be part of the agenda for future bilateral talks.

Pakistan stepped up its diplomatic efforts to expose Indian violations of Kashmir ceasefire understanding and had submitted documentary evidence to the UN Security Council. Also a dossier on Indian interference in Pakistan was presented to the UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon as well as the United States.

On the other hand, New Delhi has been sticking to its one point agenda and that is terrorism. Consequently, Indian government even discouraged Pakistani efforts to play friendly cricket matches.

A senior diplomat in the Foreign Office however sounded quite optimistic that New Delhi will positively respond to Pakistan’s invitation to Ms Swaraj to avail the opportunity to visit Pakistan and discuss a meaningful roadmap for resumption of talks between the two countries.

The official, who declined to be quoted as he is not authorise to comment on this sensitive matter, was of the view that a clear and sustained process of dialogue is imperative for New Delhi and Islamabad to resolve their bilateral disputes for lasting peace and stability in South Asia.

Some western diplomats in Islamabad also believed it is good opportunity the Indian External Affairs minister to make it to Pakistan to discuss future course of action with Pakistani authorities. They were also of the view that New Delhi and Islamabad need to do much to address the bilateral disputes through talks as it is in the larger interest of the two countries as well as essential for peace and stability of the region.



INP adds: In another act of spewing venom against Pakistan, Indian extremist party Shiv Sena has called on Modi government to shut down the office of the Pakistan High Commissioner in New Delhi.

Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut claimed that the Pakistan High Commission is a breeding ground for spies. "This is a very serious matter. Look how far they have penetrated.

The people, who were arrested on Tuesday, have links with Pakistan High Commission. The Pakistan High Commission in Delhi should be locked and the key should be thrown away. It should be closed," he said.

Raut asked the BJP government if it was worth having cricketing and cultural ties with Pakistan under the prevailing circumstances. "The people having links with the ISI are sitting in the Pakistan High Commission here and they are using our people. Is it not a threat to the national security? Despite all this do we want cricketing and cultural ties with them? It is dangerous," alleged Raut.

One of the extremist wings in India, Shiv Sena which has a stronghold in Maharashtra is causing problems and making headlines for the past few months.