WASHINGTON: President Obama, now broadens his appeal to action, saying that Americans should not “feel as if there’s nothing we can do”.

“We just can’t leave it to our professionals [in law enforcement] to deal with the problems of these kinds of horrible killings,” he says.

I do think that as the investigation goes forward it’s going to be important for all of us, including our legislatures, to see what we can do. … So that when individuals decide they want to do somebody hard to make it a little harder for them to do it. Because right now it’s just too easy.

He says that new actions and legislation would make it “not impossible, but harder for individuals to get access to guns.”

Obama also adds that he spoke with the mayor of San Bernardino, Corey Davis, this morning, and thanked him and law enforcement. Attorney General Loretta Lynch will provide an update on the investigation later today.

Courtesy: The Guardian