PTI activists staged a protest sit-in in front of the DCO office as a protest against the alleged fake victory of Afzal Hussain Tarar, father of a state minister, as chairman of Union Council 8 Kolo Tarar.

Led by former MNA Mehdi Hassan Bhatti, former president of PTI Hafizabad Amanullah Sandhu, the activists raised vociferous slogans against the DCO, Returning Officer Allah Ditta Warraich and Afzal Tarar for allegedly changing the November 19 local bodies election. Ch Mamoon Jafar Tarar had been declared winner as chairman of the Union Council. They further said that the RO made bogus recounting of votes by rejecting the votes of the winner of PTI.

Mehdi Hassan Bahtti and Amanullah Sandhu alleged that the RO and the local administration manoeuvred fake victory of Afzal Tarar to please his daughter, the state minister. They declared that they would continue the siege to the office of the DCO and RO and called upon the Election Commission of Pakistan to probe into the ‘new style of rigging” made by the RO by yielding to the pressure of PML-N rulers. They demanded action against the returning officer and cancellation of the notification in favour of Afzal Tarar.

WOMAN RAPED, ACCUSED HELD: A fiendish man allegedly raped a woman when she was alone in her house the other night. The Hafizabad City Police have registered a case against the alleged rapist Khalid Hussain of Mohallah Khanpura.

The woman was alone in her house the other night when Khalid stormed into the house and assaulted her. On her hue and cry, the accused managed to escape.