Chiniot district has problems galore as corruption and bribe culture has penetrated into all the government departments thus the common man can’t think of relief without paying gratification to the government officials, people complained.

It was given the status of a district in July, 2009. Despite the passage of six years, it is still in grip of problems created by the govt departments, they said. The representatives of various civil society organisations and common public said that problems were unresolved particularly regarding corruption and bribe in the departments.

As corrupt persons are patronised by the politicians and other influential persons, 60 percent of the government funds went to the pockets of the contractors and their bosses, and only 40pc funds were spent on the development projects, they alleged.

The miseries of the inhabitants of city multiplied due to unhygienic sanitary condition prevailing in the city. Sewerage pipelines laid down by the TMA for the drainage of sewage water are now insufficient as the population of the city has increased manifold, they were of the view. “The heaps of filth are seen at many places where mosquitoes are breeding. The TMA is not sprinkling pesticides due to which it is likely that the dengue fever may erupt anytime.TMA is indirectly prompting the breeding of mosquitoes,” they said.

Situated at a few metres from TMO office, the scrap market is main cause of mosquitoes breeding while TMA and Health Department are totally ignoring the dangerous situation for Dengue, they said. Piles of garbage are seen in and around the city. Encroachments are on the rise. Even main roads are half occupied by the encroachers.

Likewise, the city roads give a look of ruins. Traffic jams on the city is a routine. Traders indulge in profiteering with impunity. In farming sector irrigation system is deteriorating due to lack of maintenance. Encroachments have plagued every part of the main bazaar, residential and commercial areas. Citizens are suffering at the hands of encroachers in the main bazaar, Chowk Jathothan, Rail Bazaar, Mandar Road, Faisalabad Road, Lahore Road and Shahra-i-Quaid-i-Azam and Mudrassatul Binat Road.

The Punjab government is still unable to provide health facilities for the only hospital in the whole district. DHQ Hospital has 133 posts of doctors in difference factuality but 33 doctors are working at DHQ Hospital Chiniot. Important posts of doctors such as orthopaedic surgeon and anaesthesia specialist have been lying vacant since long.

The people of Chiniot have been suffering great difficulties in getting medical treatment there. Doctors posted at Chiniot DHQ Hospital are working at Allied Hospital Faisalabad but getting salaries from the government. Because of the unavailability of medicines, the indoor and outdoor patients have been suffering great difficulties as they are forced to purchase the medicines from the private medical stores to continue their medical treatment.

The people expressed grave concerns over the inordinate delay in the provision of medicines to the government health facilities. They urged Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to take notice of the situation and ensure early provision of medicines and doctors as well as other staff. “In the rural areas, the people are deprived of water. Complaints by farmers do not bear fruit,” they said.

Land mafia with the backing of local administration has occupied village ponds and the farmers are deprived of the facility while grants releases by government for development and maintenance projects are misused, they further said. The situation of Revenue Department particularly Tehsildar office is also the same, they added.