With the advent of winter, a large number of citizens are witnessed crowding Lunda Bazaar to purchase woollies and warm second hand clothes. Sheikh Market is also known for its makeshift Lunda Bazaar. It is catering the needs of lower middle class and unprivileged segment alike with the advancing biting cold, the roadside stalls are pouring with turtle necks, woollen pullovers and leg warmers.–Staff Reporter

Makeshift Landa Market near Rangpur Noorpur Road is attracting customers looking for cheap apparel and other household items of all the seasons at a cheap rate from markets. The market is resourceful as stallholders here deal in all kinds of secondhand clothing accessories like shirts, paints, trousers also bags, toys, curtains, bed sheets and other items of the seasons. Household furnishings like curtains, table clothes, aprons, working overalls, tea-cozies, table napkins, wall carpets, floor mats and even floor carpets can be purchased from here. –Staff Reporter