Karachi - Top military and civil leadership in Sindh has decided to expand the Karachi operation to other parts of the province, citing credible reports that the terrorists feeling heat in the port city had gone into hiding in other parts of the province.

The apex committee meeting at CM House on Wednesday also decided to establish 30 more anti-terrorism courts in the province.

Newly appointed Adviser to Sindh CM on Information Maula Bux Chandio said both the civil and military leadership was on one page against terrorism and will fight against it with the cooperation of the people.

Briefing the media, he said the meeting expressed grief over the martyrdom of two army personnel in Tuesday’s attack and observed that such acts cannot bring down the morale of the law enforcement agencies.

The adviser said it was agreed upon that the terrorists would be chased down in those areas of the province where they have gone into hiding. He said it was also observed that some people coming from other provinces were also involved in terrorism in Sindh therefore “it was also decided to set up check-points and beef up security at the entry and exit points of the province.

Chandio further said it was decided that 30 new anti-terrorism courts would be established along with the recruitment of 200 new public prosecutors and investigation officers in the province to improve the level of investigation and prosecution in terrorism cases.

Without specifying the period of time, he said in past mostly incompetent people were recruited as prosecutors; however, the provincial government was unable to terminate them due to the legal bindings.

Interestingly, Pakistan Peoples Party is in power in Sindh for over past seven years.

“It was also decided that 8,000 more policemen will be recruited in the province to improve the capability of the law enforcement authorities,” the adviser said.

He said that coordination between police and other law enforcement authorities would also be improved while improvement in police system and jail security as there were credible reports that criminal gangs were operating from the prisons.

Chandio said that meeting also reviewed the law and order situation during the Chehlum and Local bodies’ elections and expressed its confidence over the security arrangements. “Steps are also being taken to improve the condition of CCTV cameras in the city,” he said.

He said that the Karachi Corps commander did not express his discomfort over the Karachi police performance but there is huge margin for improvement in police and other institutions.

“The meeting also mulled over the reasons behind the terror activities and how they could be overcome,” he said.

Also on Wednesday, Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah withdrew the charge of minister for works and services and archives from Sharjeel Inam Memon as his name has been placed on exit control list after his name came up in corruption scandals.

The drive against corruption in Sindh began after Rangers, who are leading operation in Karachi, had said that a major part of terror financing was coming from corruption in government institutions.

Probably anticipating action against him, Sharjeel had left the country almost three months back and kept running the affairs of his ministry from Dubai. In interviews to various media outlets he vowed to return to country soon which he has failed to do until now. Sources said the ministry could be once again given to Mir Hazar Khan Bajrani, who was deprived of this portfolio and offered the charge of education ministry which he refused to take. The education ministry was later given to Nisar Khuhro.