PESHAWAR - Ten survivors of the Army Public School (APS) Peshawar tragedy on Monday left for Beijing (China) on the invitation of Chinese government aimed at diverting their attention from the nightmare. It was the first batch of the APS students which would stay for ten days in China.

The main objective of the tour is to divert the attention of students from the December 16 last terror attack on the APS in which 150 people, including 130 students, were killed by militants.

The officials said that 10 survivors of grade 8th to 12th along with a family member left for China. They said that more survivors will be sent in coming days to other countries.

The decision to tour the students was taken after psychiatrists suggested that survivors need long term therapy and mental health counselling.

Only two students of class 9th out of 32 survived the attack. One of them was injured while the other is included among the visiting students. The surviving students from class 8th to 12th will visit China and Malaysia, while the martyred students’ parents will be sent to Saudi Arabia for performing Umrah.