Kabul- Mohammad Afkhami Rashedi, councilor of Iran in Afghanistan’s western Herat province says Afghanistan needs to root out Islamic States of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), which also goes by ISIS and its Arabic name DAESH.

He has told Voice of America (VOA), “I am optimistic by the formation of new National Unity Government in Afghanistan, administration and assignment of new officials, the government will eliminate ISIS and Taliban who are trying to find each other”

Rashedi expressed concern over ISIS existence in the provinces of Afghanistan neighboring Iran. He said that ISIS is a joint threat to Afghanistan and Iran, and that his country has preparedness to combat ISIS.

He assured that there is cooperation between the soldiers on the joint border between Afghanistan and Iran, saying that “Soldiers from both sides are meeting each other and have good understanding and cooperation”

He added that ISIS is not that strong but has confused people through its propaganda war in social media. Iran has joint border with Herat, Faryab and Nimroz provinces of Afghanistan.

DAESH operation has been reported in Nimroz’s neighboring Helmand province which apparently is concerning Iran.