PESHAWAR - Parents of students martyred in Army Public School (APS) attack and members of ‘Ghazi forum’ on Monday demanded an investigation into the tragic Peshawar incident. The aggrieved parents have given the government a 48-hour ultimatum to make report of the investigation public, a media report said.

The ultimatum was given during a press conference by the grieving mothers.

According to the details, mothers of kids martyred in APS attack along with those whose children survived the APS attack were seen crying uncontrollably as thoughts of their children kept them in a constant state of mourning that has no end. Their grief was so severe that its effects won’t be gone anytime soon.

The grieving mothers have said that they would start a protest and organize rallies if the government does not give them the answers they deserve within the next 48 hours.

The mothers complained they had been paying money every month in the name of security. But no security was provided to their kids. They stated that the government was aware of the terrorist threats received by the school but still failed to do anything in regards to it. Nobody could save their kids, cried the mothers.

They requested the government during the press conference to award the martyred kids with the highest possible awards. They also said that the parents of the martyred kids should be given the same package as given to the martyrs of the Pakistan Army, the media report added. --Monitoring