LAHORE  - Various farmer organisations have demanded of the government for starting immediate construction of water reservoirs including the Kalabagh Dam to ensure cheap electricity to growers across the country.

They blamed the government for anti-agriculture policies and warned to start a movement against the rulers if farmer friendly policies were not introduced.

It was asked in a resolution adopted by farmer bodies at a ‘Kissan Conference’ here on Monday. The Muttahida Kissan Mahaz (PMKM) was the organiser.

Earlier, in his speech, PMKM chief Ayub Mayo said that the rulers had surrendered against India over the issue of violation of Indus Water Treaty. He said that this gathering of growers condemn Indian water aggression against Pakistan and once again launch a movement against it.  “New water reservoirs are not being constructed in Pakistan under a conspiracy,” he held.

Ayub Mayo opposed the setting up of coal fired power plants especially in Sahiwal, Multan, DG Khan and Bahawalpur Divisions who were fertile agricultural areas producing most important cash crops like cotton and sugarcane. He said these were 50 years old plants which would destroy the ecology of this area.

He said that the government should go for construction of hydel power through construction of big dams and claimed that Pakistan had the potential of generating 140,000 mw of power and PC-I of projects capable of generating 50,000 mw area ready. He also criticized the seed certification department for approving substandard qualities of seed, enhancing taxes on diesel and petrol and obtaining new loans from the international monetary institutions.

Pakistan Kissan Ittehad chairman Ch Muhammad Anwer said it was irony of the fate that growers could not fix the price of their own produce. He said that in our country peasant is unaware that who is reaping the fruit of his labour. He said this government came in to being after securing majority votes of rural population but totally neglected this segment of the country in policy making. He warned the rulers that those who could bring you in to power could also oust you.

He also said that their movement was contemplating to launch a movement for construction of Kalabagh Dam. He announced to hold a long march towards KPK to convince Pakhtuns for KBD construction.