ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has demanded the Election Commission of Pakistan suspend National Assembly (NA) Speaker Ayaz Sadiq until the verdict of NA-122 case is announced.

Speaking to media after meeting Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sardar Muhammad Raza Khan here on Monday, Imran Khan said, “I have requested the chief election commissioner to make two task forces. One which guides the people, sending remittances from abroad, as how they can avail their right to vote. Second, which reviews the electronic voting system,” Imran said.

He added that the electronic voting system was being used across the world and the country should take advantage of the latest technology.

Imran said he had also asked the chief election commissioner to constitute another task force for giving right of vote to the overseas Pakistanis. He said seven million Pakistani people were living abroad and contributing greatly to the national economy through their remittances.

The PTI chief also asked the electoral body to introduce biometric system and minimise the possibility of rigging in future.

The PTI chairman also CEC with evidence of rigging stating that election tribunal had to pass the verdict pertaining to rigging in NA-122 in a four-month stipulated period, but the tribunal failed to do so despite lapsing two years.

“The election commission has the authority to conduct day to day hearing in case of any delay. The ECP also holds the power to suspend the person against which the petition has been lodged (Speaker National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq), until the final judgment,” he added.

Imran said both winners and losers of the elections in the country were claiming that the polls were rigged.

Imran further said that he had collected such evidence that will prove the incompetence of Pakistan Muslim League - Nawaz (PML-N).

“There are same signatures of presiding officers in 50 polling stations in NA-122 Lahore constituency whereas there are same signatures in Form No. 14 in 20 polling stations of the constituency,” he claimed.

He added that the verdict of NA-122 case was to be announced in four months. He stated that three of his cases were pending in election tribunals whereas the rest were being heard by the Supreme Court.

Imran added that the CEC had the right to dismiss the tribunal’s presiding official if the verdict was being delayed.

Talking about the approaching Senate elections, the PTI chief said that the value of a vote for the Senate elections has reached Rs20 million adding that open balloting would be held in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa instead of secret ballots.

Imran lacks political vision

Federal Information Minister Pervez Rasheed Monday said that PTI Chief Imran Khan neither has a clear stance nor has any taste of politics as he was showing his immaturity in the national politics.

The minister was talking to media soon after the meeting of Imran Khan with Chief Election Commissioner on the issue of rigging in last general elections in the CEC Office.

The minister said that how can PTI contest for Senate elections when its chief had showed his distrust in the parliament and had declared a fake one. He also talked about Imran Khan’s political approach and said that “no one should irritate on whatever Imran Khan is doing, as we should expect such things from him because he has no political vision.”

He said that PTI had totally failed to prove rigging in election and Imran Khan was showing confidence in the same election commission whom he had rejected earlier.  He said the people connected with Imran Khan were misguiding him as a result of this the PTI chief was making immature political decisions, which were causing immense  damage to his reputation.

Later, the minister, while talking to the media outside the Parliament, said that Imran Khan had claimed that election commission printed fake ballot papers from Urdu Bazaar but during his meeting with the chief election commissioner did not take the issue with him.

The minister alleged that Imran Khan wasted the whole year of the nation on roads but he did not take the courage to raise the issue with the chief election commissioner. He said that Imran Khan had failed to present any evidence of rigging and now he was demanding the resignation of Speaker National Assembly without any reason and without proving anything against him.

The minister said that he was praying for the Chief Election Commissioner because Imran Khan was habitual to level accusations against important officeholders of Pakistan as he had alleged former Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry and others. He said that Imran Khan had changed his lawyer now in the same way as he had changed his early stances.