Another Fall of Dhaka can occur if reins of Balochistan are handed over to the bureaucracy and Islamabad, declared Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Ameer Sirajul Haq while addressing the District Bar Association Rahim Yar Khan here on Monday.

The JI chief said that there was a dire need for immediate resolution of Balochistan issue, suggesting that the angry Balochs should select walls instead of hills and caves. He said that for the implementation of real democracy and solution of problems, the system of proportionate representation should be adopted instead of elections, claiming that different political parties including the PPP and PTI were in its favour. He regretted that from Mughals to British and later generation after generation traitors of the nation were possessing corridors of power.

“They are enjoying power by befooling the poor people of Pakistan since last 65 years,” he elaborated, adding that his party got together representatives of different Islamic movements from 35 countries around the globe in November last year who announce democratic struggle for the implementation of Islamic system in their countries, regretting that their message of peace stopped to reach the masses.

Sirajul Haq pointed out that there were two different systems of justice - one for the poor with “all its evil looks” and the other for the rich which seldom sprung into action and always offered a clean chit. The JI chief stressed that he requested the Election Commission to take effective measures for elections within the political parties. “The poor cannot even get a bed at government hospital but on the other hand, an elected representative of the poor spends Rs3.5 million only for the treatment of a tooth,” he lamented.

District Bar Association (DBA) President Jam Abdul Majeed Mustafai and secretary general Rana Sheraz also spoke on the occasion.