Kate Winslet has opened up to Harper’s Bazaar UK about being a working mother as it was revealed she has landed the lead female role in a new Steve Jobs biopic. The 39-year-old British actress had been in talks to star opposite Michael Fassbender in Danny Boyle’s film about the Apple computers co-founder for several weeks. It has now been confirmed that she will play Macintosh marketing boss Joanna Hoffman in the movie.

Natalie Portman was previously attached to the role. Meanwhile, mother-of-three Kate opened up to Harper’s Bazaar magazine about how important it was to her, as a woman in the public eye, not to give women unrealistic impressions of body image.

Kate, who is mum to 14-year-old Mia, 11-year-old Joe and 15-month-old son Bear, said: ‘There’s a big part of me - now, more than ever before - that feels a sense of responsibility for how other women view themselves. ‘Take having the baby, for instance. Have I actively been on a diet to lose my baby weight? No, I haven’t. I genuinely bloody haven’t. I so didn’t want to be one of those ‘Oh, wow, she’s back in shape after 12 weeks’ women. When I read things like that, I just think, that’s actually impossible.’

‘Life is just too short to be spending time focusing on things like that. I want to keep my health and my sanity and be well fed and happy. I was nowhere near my pre-pregnancy shape when Bear was 12 weeks old - I was breastfeeding, apart from anything else, and hungry all the time - and nor would I have wanted to be. ‘And, do you know what? My body will never go back to what it was, and I wouldn’t expect it to after three babies.’ The full interview appears in the March issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK, on sale February 3, 2015. It is a lso available as a digital edition.