LAHORE - Following cut in petroleum products prices on Feb 1, 2015, the supply of oil remained smooth all over the provincial capital. All petrol pumps were open and offering petrol to bike riders and other commuters.

Petrol pumps usually remain shut or restrict their sale following cut in prices of oil products in early days of every month but the government, this time has proved its writ to ensure smooth supply of oil after considerable price reduction.

A visit to different petrol stations in different parts of city including Multan Chungi, Smanabad, Yatim Khana, Choburji, Ferozpur Road (Qurtaba Chowk area), Jail Road, Mcload Road, Gawal Mandi, The Mall, Anarkali and reports from Johar Town, Township, GT Road, Garhi Shahu etc confirmed that petrol supply was normal and no shortage was seen anywhere.

The actual sale of petrol on Feb 1 was around 33,000 metric tons against normal sale of 12,500 metric tons. Out of the total sale, some 21,000 metric tons petrol was sold in Punjab.

Official sources said that petrol was being supplied in excess of the demand at all retail outlets and there are no chances of shortage in any part of the country. They said that the petroleum ministry and all the oil marketing companies (OMCs) were monitoring the situation closely. According to them, the petrol stock in the country was 117,000 metric tons on Feb 1, which is sufficient to meet the requirement.

The ministry said the OMCs were also advised to ensure minimum 5,000 litres stocks at the retail outlets, all the time.

They said that OMCs had planned to import 350,000 metric tons petrol in 11 vessels, while local refineries would produce 130,000 metric tons during the current month to meet the surge in demand.