Wah cantt - Keeping in view the miserable condition of Thar affectees, Chairman POF Board Lt Gen Muhammad Ahsan Mahmood, HI (M), directed to set up two relief camps in Wah Cantt. The POF administration is well aware of its social responsibilities and always helped the countrymen on the occasion of every natural calamity. The POF administration dispatched 223 bags of edible items valuing one million rupees for Thar affectees while each bag contained 15-kg flour, 10-kg rice, 3-kg sugar, ½-kg tea, ½-kg milk powder, 5 litre cooking oil and mineral water. The value of each relief bag comes into Rs 4450. These relief goods have been handed over to 18 Div S&T Unit by Karachi office of POF.

 for onward dispatch to Thar affectees.