Rawalpindi - Secretary Rawalpindi Transport Authority (RTA) has issued new public transport fare announcing stop-to-stop fare at Rs 11 and maximum fare Rs 29.  New public transport fares have been announced for 40 urban and inter districts routes. New fare schedule has come into force with immediate effect.  As per new fare schedule, fare in respect of first stage up to 4 kilometre has been reduced from Rs 12 to 11, second stage up to 8 kilometre from Rs 14 to 13, 3rd stage up to 14 kilometre from Rs 19 to 17, 4th stage from 14 KM to 22 KM from Rs 22 to 20, 5th stage from 22 to 30 kilometre from Rs 27 to Rs 24, 6th stage from 30 KM above from Rs 32 to Rs 29.