Yes, they told me.

They told me that learn and seek for wisdom. They told me that they educate to become lettered. They told me that they help in order to earn good deeds. They told me that they do it for GOD and the sake of HUMANITY. They told me that they do not want a title.

But I knew.

I knew all they ever desired was having a title. A title that shows their class on the ladder. A title that gives them sense of allowance for their manipulating behaviourism. A title that gives them nothing, but pride and arrogance. A title that will make people obey them. A title that defines them as powerful and successful.

They are like the water in the ocean which seems pure, because of their filter. They are idols for many humans, who are looking at them like angels. They are in every corner. And I am just a grain of sand in the edge of this filthy ocean of manipulated and desensitized people.

They once made me blind. They told me that having a title is what you need. They wanted me to become illiterate like them.

Yes, I do admit.

I admit that I started to anticipate that I must help those in need in order to gain a title. That I must educate what I am educating to have this certain job. That I must impress every human existing on this planet with my accomplishments, because having a title is equal as having the whole world on your fingertips.

They once tried, but they failed.

They made me comprehend how dark their world is. They made me comprehend that having an education does not make one educated. They made me comprehend that their idea of glory is to have a big title.

This world is blind and so are the people living in it. They want us to forget the value of wisdom and knowledge. They want us to compete for titles and positions. They want us to become rich in money, but not in having good deeds. They want us to forget the value of HUMANITY and the love of GOD.

We should not forget that we help others for our self, because it makes us humble. We should not forget that life is not about earning big titles, but to earn good deeds. We should not forget that GOD created us to change the evil in this world.

We should always remember that it is never about us. It is about GOD and his blessings upon us. It is about the people that we help. It is about the love that we receive in return. Because we are just travellers in this world, and one day we all must depart. Depart without the worldly titles.