ISLAMABAD - China’s Ambassador to Pakistan, Yao Jing, has said that after the spread of Corona virus in China, the Chinese government is caring Pakistanis in China more than its nationals and providing them best medical and other facilities.

“The Chinese government has taken serious steps since January 1, when it emerged. The Chinese government, he added has taken a number of steps to address this challenge,” he said in an interview with Xinhua news agency here on Sunday.

The Chinese leadership has given special attention to the campaign to tackle the epidemic and are constantly monitoring the steps taken for it, he maintained.

To date, the number of certified Corona virus patients in China has increased to twelve thousand, while the number of suspects is close to twenty thousand, and 302 have been killed.

He said, two things have been very helpful in promoting the ongoing campaign against. “First, the number of confirmed patients is declining day by day and second more people are being recovered,” he said, adding it also indicates that the Chinese government, Chinese doctors and the health department are in a position to cope with the epidemic and take measures to prevent it.

The Chinese ambassador said that the Pakistani leaders, the government, the people and the society have supported China at this difficult time and helped and encouraged them, which is commendable.

Pakistani President Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Imran Khan wrote solidarity letters to the Chinese government, he praised.

“We understand that this epidemic is causing a wave of anxiety and anxiety not only in Chinese and Pakistani people, but all over the world, because it is a sudden challenge. We are aware of the concerns of the people, the media and the Pakistani people in China. So far we have been fortunate that no certified patient has been found in Pakistan. All suspects have been discharged from hospitals after medical examination,” the ambassador maintained.

To a question, he said following the outbreak, the Pakistani government, the Ministry of Health and the Pakistani embassy in Beijing immediately contacted Chinese authorities and spoke for every kind of help to the Pakistani people in China.

The ambassador said, the Chinese government has extended the New Year’s holidays and has asked the workers to stay in homes and suspended direct flights between China and Pakistan until Sunday. “We are registering Chinese people in Pakistan, especially those from Wuhan,” he assured.  

He said, the Chinese people have adopted self-restraining measures, including seven days of isolation, to help prevent the spread of the disease. So far, no Chinese in Pakistan has been suspected or suspected of the disease, he clarified.

He said, till date, there are 538 Pakistanis in Wuhan’s Red Zone for which Chinese authorities have taken very serious measures, but such actions are for all Chinese people and foreigners in China. He said currently there are 3,000 people from 120 countries with strict travel restrictions in Wuhan and so far, four Pakistanis have been diagnosed with the disease, but they are not from Wuhan.

He said, “I assure you that these Pakistanis are well cared and treated and the good thing is that they are recovering and will be discharged from the hospital soon. China is using the best system for caring for Pakistani people, especially students.”

He urged the people of Pakistan to follow the government and the health department guidelines and avoid going to public meetings, use a mask, wash your hands frequently and contact the hospital if someone has a fever or persistent cough. China has the best experience in dealing with such conditions and the best medical facilities, he added.

Responding to a question, the ambassador said that only Pakistani and other people are banned traveling in Wuhan and Hubei, but residents in other cities do not face the same situation. He said in light of the World Health Organization guidelines, it is better for other citizens to avoid travel.