KARACHI                  -           The security personnel on Sun­day have confiscated huge cache of weapons from a house in Kara­chi’s Federal B area.

According to details, intelli­gence agencies and the Special Security Unit raided a house and found it full of weapons.

There were 38 SMG rifles, 75 magazines, nine mortar rounds, 60 hand grenades, 10 detonators, 53 boxes of bullets and two other pistols at the house.

More than 50 boxes con­sisting of 38 submachine guns (SMGs), 60 hand gre­nades, detonators and mortar explosives were seized by the officers. Satellite phone and two passports were also re­covered during the raid.


Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Muham­mad Zubair lashed out at PTI led government for failing to curb inflation, poverty and corruption in the country. While addressing a press conference, Muhammad Zubair said that masses are facing flour, sugar and tomato crises as inflation has reached its highest level in 12 years.

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He further added that public is suffering from poverty, unem­ployment, corruption and infla­tion in ‘Naya Pakistan’.

Muhammad Zubair said that entire cabinet including Prime Minister are incapable to resolve national issues. Corruption in flour and sugar crises costed Rs40 billion to the public.