TOBA TEK SINGH - If Jamaat-e-Islami comes into power it will end power loadshedding within six months, claimed JI PP 86 would-be candidate Dr Zahid Sattar in a meeting here on Monday. He said that the JI would also control price hike. JI tehsel Ameer Sanaullah Mufti, Dr Muhammad Imran and Mian Wakeel Ahmad also addressed the meeting.

Dr Zahid Sattar has said that the opportunist politicians were changing parties to safeguard their own personal interests.

He was addressing a gathering here at Jamia masjid Burhan in Garden Town. He said that now people want a change of system not mere the change of faces. He said that people want to get rid of the two major parties as well as a change which should not come through establishment, army or any invisible forces.

He said that two-party system remained entrenched in the country, adding that the PPP and PML had been befooling people for years. He said that a change could come with people`s support if free and fair elections were held without interference from the government institutions.

JI District Naib Ameer Dr Khalil Ahmad also addressed the gathering.