MULTAN - Pakistan Engineers Forum (PEC) President Syed Imtiaz Hussain Shah has accused the government of rigging the election of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC), saying the rulers upheld the legacy of dictator and usurped the rights of engineers.

Talking to journalists here on Monday, he said that the PEC was under martial law since 2002 and the engineers succeeded in retrieving their democratic right after a long struggle for nine years. “But once again the government wants to impose its blue-eyed people on PEC. We’ll not let the rulers accomplish their plan and resist all evil plots,” he added.

He accused the members of government of committing severe corruption, saying rental power projects were being launched for the sake of commission otherwise electricity could be generated through many cheaper ways like thermal and coal projects. He regretted that the engineers were leaving country because of absence of their service structure as a result of which the country was grappling with severe brain-drain. He demanded the government to announce service structure for engineers, give priority to their opinion on development projects and appoint engineers as the heads of departments of national development.