ISLAMABAD - Supporting the stance of Asma Jahangir on court’s verdict in memo scandal case, Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) vice chairman Monday said the superior judiciary could not play the role of an investigator in any matter.

PBC vice chairman said he strongly endorsed Asma Jahangir’s stance on the court’s decision in memogate case that the SC had wrongly assumed its jurisdiction in memo case, as no fundamental right of any person had been violated in this matter.

Regarding formation of a commission comprising three high courts chief justices to probe the memo controversy, Afridi said ordinary litigants would face difficulties in this situation.

“As the nation is already divided by political, ethnic and economic considerations, so it cannot afford to be further divided on judicial consideration,” he added.

Vice chairman of the apex body of lawyers hoped that the judiciary would not become a source of conflict and things would proceed in accordance with the constitutional division of powers. “Pakistan needs coherence, unification and support of all the federation units, democratic forces minus those who make hay while the sun shines,” Afirdi added. He appealed to the SC not to adopt ‘dual standard’ and also take notice of Mansoor Ijaz’s other statements regarding DG ISI visits to Arab countries for the removal of President Asif Ali Zardari, because this matter was much sensitive than the memo case.

PBC recommended the apex court to adopt the policy of judicial restraint and should not entertain political cases because these issues could make the courts controversial and allegation of favouritism could come on it.

He urged the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take up the Asghar Khan case because some people were trying to defame the judiciary by saying it to hear this case.

Regarding the coming of President Pervez Musharraf to Pakistan, he said if he would return then lawyers would agitate against him, because he had abrogated the constitution on November 3, 2007.

Expressing concern over the increasing extremism in the country, he said society was facing the lack of tolerance due to the wrong policies of the dictator. He said if the ANP was not in power then Taliban could have taken control of Peshawar. He also said that the court’s order on NRO should be implemented in letter and spirit.