RAJANPUR - With all political groups gearing up to raise stakes for the next general elections, the district has been seeing wide-ranging political activities day in and day out.

Major political changes are expected in Rajanpur in the days to come, as the parties are evolving strategies to discomfit their political opponents. Having assumed the slot of the PTI vice-chairman, former foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has gained a vital position in the politics of southern Punjab. Many local politicians have reportedly contacted him as party tickets would be given under his supervision. Nevertheless, many big guns of the area are also thinking to be a part of the PTI.

Reports have poured in that Senator Muhammad Jamal Khan Leghari and his brother, ex-federal minister, Mohammad Awais Khan Leghari, have also joined the Imran Khan-led group.

Nasarullah Khan Dareshak, a senior politician, has not yet confirmed to join the PTI, while MNA Mohammad Jaffar Khan Leghari has gestured his desire to remain with the PML-Q. There is also a likelihood that he goes for a solo flight.

Stakes are also high for the Dareshak group in the district, which is hopeful of sweeping the upcoming polls. Those recently joined the group included Syed Khair Mohammad, Mehboob Mustafa, Shah Nawaz Gishkori from Mohammad Pur Diwan, Shah Jahan Khan, Jabal Khan Dareshak, Khalil Khan Dareshak and others. According to sources, many notables and important figures are set to join the Dareshak group in the coming days.

As far as the PML-N is concerned, its Rajanpur chapter seems to be an oligarchy. A tussle goes on within the PML-N ranks since its old workers had been disappointed over the distribution of relief goods among flood victims. Sixteen months have passed but flood-affected people are still waiting for the first instalment of financial assistance through Watan Cards. Taking this situation in mind, PML-N’s legislator of the PP-247 constituency seems quite confused. He is often seen using impudent language in his public and private speeches.

Nevertheless, it has emerged that old political rivals, Nasrullah Khan Dreshak and Mir Balkh Sher Mazari, have decided to end their longstanding tug-of-war.

Meanwhile, local politicians have started contacting heads of various political groups to get tickets for the upcoming general elections.

It has been learnt that former provincial minister Maqsood Ahmad Khan Leghari has decided to join the PML-N. An announcement to this effect is likely in the next week.

Nevertheless, former district nazim Hafeezur Rahman Dareshak visited Lahore the last week and met Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif expressing his intention to join the PML-N. It is expected that he would be pitted against PPP’s Athar Hassan Khan Gorchani in PP-248.

Doctors on strike in Rajanpur: Doctors and paramedical staff here on Monday went on strike protesting the handover of BHCs to non-governmental organisations.

The Punjab government had imposed untrained officials of certain NGOs to undermine capabilities of qualified and trained staff of the BHCs.PMA Rajanpur chief Dr Shama Noor said that doctors from Multan and Bahawalpur are also expected to join the strike, which will continue until the orders are not withdrawn.