LAHORE – Provincial Law Minister Rana Sanaullah has smelt division of Sindh in a  resolution presented by the MQM in the Assembly for creation of Southern Punjab and Hazara provinces.

While taking to media men outside the Punjab Assembly chamber here Monday, the Law Minister citing contents of the resolution said that it seeks striking down the condition of getting 2/3rd majority of votes from the Assembly whose province is sought to be divided and the MQM knows well it does not enjoy that majority and scrapping the condition will help it out when it will go for the division of Sindh. He warned the PPP and the Sindhis that the second step will be towards division of Sindh. He said the target of the resolution is something else and not the Southern Punjab. Rana Sana said the PML(N) policy on the creation of new provinces is very clear that the creation of new provinces should be not on linguistic basis but on the basis of running administrative affairs.

To question the law minister said the PA is expected to complete record legislation during the current parliamentary year as so far it has passed 40 bills is expected to carry more in the rest of the 40 days.

To a question that PML(N) is close to Establishment which has resulted in Memo scandal decision, Rana Sanaulla said that memo scam decision has been taken by the Supreme Court and not by the Establishment. He said the inquiry commission appointed by the SC comprises judges of known integrity who will gather the facts and present them before the SC and the nation and there was no aspect of favour or disfavour to anybody. To a question that Hussain Haqqani’s lawyer, Asma Jahangir has expressed her mistrust in the Commission, the law minister said that it a democratic country and everyone if free to express his/her opinion and if Asma Jahangir has expressed her view, it has her right.

He strongly dispelled the impression that SC is giving favour to the PML(N) by restricting the outside movement of Hussain Haqqani. He said in order to seek timely and smooth working of the inquiry, the commission can restrain the movement of any person which does not amount to declaring him guilty or giving favour to any other.

To a question on taking out a procession against him allegedly for speaking objectionable remarks against Ayesha Malik on the floor of the house, he thanked the demonstrators and explained, his words have been misconstrued as he had said in respect of the property which Ayesha’s father owned but she grabbed.