LAHORE – FIA, Department of Explosive and Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) have disconnected the gas supply line of 13 CNG stations in Gujranwala involved in supply of CNG to the vehicles with substandard CNG kits. All three departments in their combined report have recommended Ministry Interior to immediately remove the substandard and local made parts in CNG kits and cylinders to save public life and property, sources in FIA said on Monday.

They said that in all passenger and public vehicles pipe wiring leading from cylinders to kit/Carbonator must be installed below side vehicle and away from battery which is main source of ignition.

Combined team inspected good number of vehicles in Lahore on Monday and found 115 vehicles with substandard kits and cylinders and issued verbal warning to them to replace their kits.

The team in their report said that in most of the public transport and private vehicles approved brand of CNG cylinders and kits were found installed and they were within specified period of validity.

 It was observed that sub-standard and local made valves were found fitted with CNG cylinders in most of public vehicles and in few passenger vehicles i.e Hi-ace, Coasters & buses, un-approved CNG cylinders having standard Worthington 9809-2 were found installed. These cylinders were banned by the Department of Explosives as well as by OGRA.