ISLAMABAD - The Directorate General of Immigration and Passports is set to cancel all the official (blue) passports issued to non-titled persons during the last five years besides around 2000 that were cancelled earlier, The Nation learnt on Thursday.

A senior official of passport office informed that all the record of official passports of last five years was being scrutinized and the directorate was in the process of cancelling all passports that had been issued to the non-titled persons while violating rules and regulations during this period. 

Earlier, the passport office on the directions of the Interior Ministry had cancelled 2002 blue passports that were issued to non-tiled persons during the last regime of PPP-led federal government.

The official said that the passport office had initially made a list of 2475 non-titled people that were issued blue passports, however, after proper scrutiny it was found that some people were titled and then the number decreased to 2002. In the list, the name of some fifteen parliamentarians had also been identified and excluded that were tilted to hold blue passport, he added.

During the last PPP-led federal government, the passport office under the directions of Interior Ministry had issued to a number of official passports to private persons that were neither government officials nor parliamentarians or non-titled persons.

These private persons used to avail all the protocols while travelling abroad that a titled blue passport holder could enjoy. Under the government-to-government arrangements, the blue passport did not need to get visa of those countries where any person can use the facility of entry visa at the airport.