ISLAMABAD - Former Pakistan No 1 squash player Farhan Mehboob took a giant stride in PSA rankings, as he jumped from 147 to 101 according to the latest PSA rankings issued on Thursday.

Talking to The Nation on Thursday, Farhan said: “I am very happy despite not fully fit, appearing in very low number of PSA events but still managed to jump 46 places, which clearly indicates that our players have tremendous talent and they can match any top player of the world. If provided with best available facilities and maximum PSA events exposure, they can excel at international forum earning good name for the county.”

“I want to attribute my recent success to head coach Jamshed Gul as well as my father Mehboob Khan as both have been paying special attention to improve my game and skills which resulted in sharp rise in my recent performances. I also want say thanks to PSF president Air Chief Marshal Tahir Rafique Butt, senior vice president Air Vice Marshal Syed Razi Nawab and secretary Amir Nawaz for helping the players by providing them best possible facilities and also sending to abroad for taking part in PSA events,” he added.

“If federation provides me with three to four PSA events in near future, it is my promise I will break into top 50 and by the year ends, I will be amongst the top 20 ranked PSA players. The only condition is provide me and other players chances of playing PSA events on regular basis. Pakistani players can never achieve higher rankings until the federation takes solid steps in trying to host $25,000 PSA events in Pakistan. Players are more than willing to come and play in Pakistan, but it is the PSA, which is creating unwanted hurdles by sending negative tour advisories. I have detailed conversations with different players who are willing to play in Pakistan, but cannot come due to the PSA negativity,” Farhan stated.

Pakistan is the home of number of world champions. If India, Kuwait and others can hold high prize money events, why Pakistan is denied with that opportunity? Pakistan is as safe as other parts of the world and is ready to provide red box security to international players, but it is the federation which takes initiative so Razi Nawab, who is also vice president of Asian Squash Federation (ASF), should use that platform to plead Pakistan case.

“It is the duty of the federation to monitor players’ progress accordingly and send them for the PSA events purely on merit. If the players, who are on a roll, participate in number of PSA events, the results will be more than satisfactory. But if past policies of obliging blue-eyed persons and denying the deserving ones continue unabated, the dream of the federation to regain past glory cannot come true.”

It is pertinent to mention here that according to latest PSA rankings, all the Pakistani players are on the rise, with only exception of Aamir Atlas Khan, who’s decline continues just because of his lack of willingness to attend camps under the command of head coach Jamshed Gul. If Aamir continues to defy the federation and the coach, the day is not far he will be no more in top 100 players PSA rankings and the time is not far. He has to decide whether he wants to play for the pride of the country or he is just interested in personal ego.