ISLAMABAD - The PML-N’s coalition partner JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rahman is all set to demand incumbent government to come up with specific Kashmir policy otherwise he would not take charge of Kashmir Committee chairmanship.

“Maulana Fazlur Rahman will raise the issue of Kashmir with the prime minister in two days to apprise about his vision as to what should be the government policy to help resolve the issue,” sources in JUI-F told The Nation.

The JUI-F chief, who has vast experience as chairman Kashmir Committee, is going to make this demand with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif when federal cabinet is set to reshuffle in a week.

It is relevant to mention here the religio-political (JUI-F), who was stated to be ignored by assigning task to JUI-S Chief Maulana Sami Ul-Haq to re-initiate peace talks with TTP, has also expressed its grudge by saying ‘no individual can  resolve this issue’.

Sources said Maulana in his upcoming meeting with prime minister might also demand portfolios of two ministries, including Housing and Communication, as two federal ministries will be given to relio-political party. “Six federal ministries could be reshuffled in a week and two will be awarded to JUI-F,” they added.

Maulana, who is scheduled to visit abroad for around two weeks, will also take parliament into confidence and submit specific proposals to make parliament as fountain of Kashmir policy so as to guide the government and state institutions on this issue. 

When contacted, JUI-F spokesman confirmed that JUI-F chief would soon meet with prime minister and raise the issue of Kashmir with him.

“JUI-F chief has not taken yet charge of chairman Kashmir Committee and after meeting with PM he was make this decision,” he informed, adding that Maulana was not interested to get Kashmir committee chairmanship for perks and privileges but wants to contribute meaningfully to Kashmir cause. “Maulana after his foreign visit will also raise this matter in parliament,” he added.

He said Maulana believes successive governments have been telling various lies to Kahsmiries without clearly defining specifics of Kashmir policy. “As a result Kahsmiries have seen disillusionment,” he added. “Maulana believes that political and military establishment should get their acts together to recalibrate Kashmir policy,” he added.

It would not be out of place to mention here that JUI-F’s senior lawmaker former chief minister KPK, Akram Khan Durrani, is strong member from religio-political party to get ministerial slot if given by PML-N government. Sources said that the JUI-F after getting space in treasury benches started demanding the ruling party to award it two ministries.

They said the JUI-F before joining the treasury benches was interested in taking the Ministry of Housing and Works and chairmanship of Kashmir committee but PML-N leadership did not give nod for it that was stated to be the cause of delay in joining the government benches by them. Sources said that JUI-F Chief Maulana Fazlur Rahman had also requested Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for compensating Waziristan affectees.