LAHORE - Majlis Wahdat e Muslimeen (MWM) Punjab chapter leadership on Thursday criticised government’s failure to control law and order situation in the country due to which as many as 60 MWM activists had been killed alone in Karachi last year.

MWM leadership expressed disappointment over silence of Federal govt and provincial government recent Quetta incident and complained that neither Federal govt nor provincial government took any action against terrorists.

Addressing a Press conference, MWM central leader Allama Imtiaz Kazmi pointed out that these elements were being supported by some foreign forces, and demanded the government to start search action and put them behind the bars.

On the occasion, MWM Deputy Secretary General Allama Syed Jaffer, Sheikh Imran Ali and Syed Hussain Zaidi were also present at the Press conference.

Kazmi expressed  concern over law-enforcement agencies failure to restore peace in Karachi. He rejected government’s decision to hold talks with TTP and urged the government not to start negotiations with TTP which had killed thousands of civilians and military men in Pakistan.

He stated that, “If the coward rulers cannot ensure our protection then may allow the people of Pakistan to take appropriate security measures on their own.”

In order to convey their protest to the international community, the MWM will hold protest demonstrations on Friday (today) in Pakistan and London, he announced.