PESHAWAR  - To cope with any emergency situation near central Jail Peshawar, police and security personnel carried out a joint rehearsal here on Thursday.

Sources said the rehearsal was aimed to judge the response and quickness of the forces in time of emergency and militants attack. The security personnel still remained deployed in and around the jail time whereas the gates of the central prison remained closed till afternoon.

Police sources said that due to potential threat of militants planning to attack Central Jail Peshawar and free some high profile prisoners, security personnel sealed the jail and also cancelled routine meetings of the visitors with the prisoners, adding that under-trial prisoners scheduled for court hearings were also not allowed to leave as the gates of the jail were completely sealed. The Central Jail authorities confirmed that the daily routine visits of the civilian were cancelled whereas daily shipment of supplies to the jail, including food items were halted, adding that “more army personnel have come in and taken over the charge of affairs completely.”

High profile prisoners like alleged US spy Dr Shakeel Afridi, TNSM chief Mualana Sufi Muhammad and a number of Taliban prisoners are kept in Peshawar Jail.

Army personnel remain deployed inside the jail while in normal routine and roads leading to the jail and high court were also sealed to avert any potential threat.