LAHORE - PML-Q President Ch Shujaat Hussain said that Chief of Army Staff could not be a traitor.

Responding to media on a question about treason case, he said that the word of traitor is used for those people who join enemies of the country, so this word should not be used against the ex-army chief. He said that the case against Pervez Musharraf should not be linked to his illness as nothing would come out of this ‘political step’. He said that he was not a legal expert but his lawyers’ stance was that the case against him (Musharraf) should be heard by a military court.  On a question about Musharraf's illness, Ch Shujaat said that he has not talked to Musharraf since many years. “I have talked to Musharraf’s doctor General Azhar Kayani who has stated that the APML chief is out of danger,” Shujaat said.

He said the real issue of the country was dearness of the daily use items. He demanded that a roundtable conference of all political parties should be convened, and the country’s media should pay more attention to dearness and other public issues.